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What Are Podcasts

As we all know that podcasting is a trend and has become widely popular. Podcasting is the distribution of audio and video files through the internet and almost 80% listen to each podcast episode. Podcast listeners spend an average of 6 hours and 37 minutes listening to podcasts every week. 16% listen to less than one hour of podcasts, and 25% listen to between 1 to 3 hours of podcast content every week.

Benefits of podcasts

Podcasts can increase your chances of being discovered in search results when users search for certain relevant keywords and phrases.
Podcasts are an excellent way of building organic links.
These are an excellent way to build awareness and bringing core influencers on your podcast adds a level of credibility to your brand.
It's inexpensive and takes less time to produce.
It helps to acquire more customers to your website.
Podcasts are convenient to consume. Listeners can listen to your podcast while they are driving a car, having their breakfast, doing exercise by simply putting a headphone, they won't take listeners away from their regular activities.

Have you tried podcasting for your business?

It might sound like a truism that podcasters want to be heard. And sure enough, the thousands of podcasters we’ve spoken with confirmed that their most important goal is growth: to engage their existing podcast fans and gain new listeners too.
VouchSolutions Creating audio bytes addressing your products, services, or a challenge or providing tips to people to attract the target audience. We do the interview-type podcast and we also individual directly relaying the information.
You can reach more relevant audiences across the web.

What makes a podcast website good?

If you already have podcast hosting, you might wonder, is this the same as a podcast website? The answer is no: podcast hosting is for delivering your RSS feed and audio files to podcast listeners through podcast apps and other listening platforms. Your podcast website, by contrast, is for providing a web presence for your show and related content on the internet.
You can reach more relevant audiences across the web.
Recover your online reputation.
Online reputation monitoring.

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