8 Best Ways To Be Happy At Work Place for Everyone


If you are a working individual, you will end up spending more time in the office than at home, which also means that you spend more time with your colleagues rather than with your family members. If people understand this simple logic, they will try all possible ways to bring harmony and peace to their work environment to get better results and to succeed in professional life.

Happiness is the key to success.

If you are happy with what you are doing, you will be successful.” 

Below are some eye-opening facts and principles that will enable you to achieve happiness at workplace:

Place Organizational Goals above Team & Individual Goals

Every individual should have goals to accomplish their vision, having goals is not just enough but aligning the individual goals towards the success of the team and ultimately towards the success of the organization is the key.

Every individual should understand organizational goals, values and imbibe them into their daily work routine, and this should not be considered as a process or rule but rather as a culture and habit which eventually leads to a feeling of “Our Organization”“Our Culture” and when an individual attains this feeling, actions and deeds will be in the best interest of the organization, at the end healthy and well-performing organization means individuals will be taken care of in a holistic manner.

Selfless Working Culture

You might be wondering if there is a Selfish Work, Yes, There is…

When you focus on completing your daily priorities and responsibilities without bothering about your surroundings and without creating a positive impact then that’s called “Selfish work”.

Everybody in the organization should express service oriented workmanship, meaning that while focusing on your own duties you should also focus on uplifting and helping others in every possible manner. When the individual thinking changes from “What’s in it from me” to “What can I contribute for the benefit of others” the whole equation changes, with selfless working, you can attain utmost satisfaction.

Write Good’s on Rock and Bad’s on Sand

No two people (including siblings who are born from the same womb) are same, there will be mismatch in behavioral patterns, attitude, styles etc. and nobody is perfect or all good. Understand the differences, embrace them and keep expectations at bay, these days many people are used to negate first and judge first, do the reverse of it, grasp and embrace the good qualities in your colleagues  and remember that forever (write it on rock so that you can  remember and learn from it) the leave the bad’s (write bad’s on sand, so that they will be wiped out by the waves of goodness).

Don’t Live with TRASH Inside

If we consider the body as a container, holding good emotions and thoughts will make us feel good all the time, if you end up filling your container with TRASH like EGO, JEALOUSY, NEGATIVITY, ANGER, RESENTMENT, PRO-SOCIAL BEHAVIOR, it will lead to stressful and chaotic life.

Whenever your brain cells think about negative thoughts, practice the reverse of it, which is positivity, be determined with the strong willpower to always lead your days and life with positivity and love and this mentality will enable you to attain peace at work and you will end up treating every colleague in a positive manner.

Be Patient Enough To Communicate Clearly

Majority of the problems in this world are due to poor communication. At work, if you can’t communicate your ideas or work to others in a clear manner, it reflects your failure, you should practice communication skills and should be able to clearly express your views without any misunderstandings or gaps.

You have to change your communication style while dealing with different people as the same style does not work with all of them, some people need an explanation with an example, some need it with the right visuals etc. have patience to communicate your ideas until others clearly understand, bridging this communication gap is key to success and will it will surely eliminate discrepancies with your colleagues.

Express Your Opinions without Any Hurt

If you want to give suggestions or recommendations to your colleagues, do it in a friendly manner with proper explanation, pros, and cons and don’t expect them to accept your suggestion, it’s up to their wisdom to accept it or not.

If there exist any discrepancies at work, you should be able to sort it out by having a meeting where you explain your expectations in a very kind and humble manner and make peace.

It’s all about how well you negotiate and explain to your colleague, At the end of the day,with good communication and negotiation skills you can surely solve any problem.

Appreciate, Give and Learn

Appreciate the good qualities, talents in your colleagues, learn the goods from them irrespective of their role, age, caste, religion etc as long as it’s good and positive.

Start contributing towards your colleagues, human minds attain utmost satisfaction in giving as we are born to give, love, be loved and stay happy and blissful. Start giving to your colleagues, be it love, moral support, knowledge, care, help etc., giving will bring people together and “Together Everybody Achieves More”(TEAM).

Practice Equality

Treat everybody equally, irrespective of their age, role, gender, caste, creed etc., 

This feeling of equality will suppress your ego, pride and jealousy, which are the main causes of workplace issues. Treating everybody with great respect and tender caring love is always a way to go to attain peace at work and at life.

Now that we have unleashed some of the great principals for making a happy work routine, it’s also important to know that all of these can’t be done in next minute or in a day and it requires continuous practice and during this practice you will also bring many positive changes in life, because when you practice a good thing , many other good things will come to you like a BONUS, example: when you are maintaining good health, good chemical reactions will occur in your body which help you in keeping you happy, young and strong. No matter what, life goes on, but it’s in your hands to lead your life in right way, attain success and be happy.

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