Tips for Stopping Technology Addiction

The recent evolution of technology has raised many ethical and psychological issues especially on the use of electronic gadgets like smartphones to which we have been addicted.  The negative impacts of technology on humans need to be understood so that, we are not manipulated or controlled by these smartphones.  The history of technological addiction is […]

Tips for Defeating Distractions to Win your Day

Distractions are designed to steal your attention and they are like hurdles that pull you away from your day to day activities either at work or at home. Therefore, it is important to defeat distractions by taking the necessary steps to reduce or completely eliminate distractions. Nevertheless, distractions can be classified or categorized under the […]

Best 5 Work-life Balance Tips for Employees

The term Work-life balance is defined to describe a person’s needs between the time allocated for work or job and other aspects of life. The other aspects of life other than work-life consist of personal interests, family and social/leisure activities. The term – “Work-life Balance is of recent origin using in 1970 and late 1980s in the United States and […]

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