Artificial Intelligence
Rolls Royce – leading German MNCin aerospace engineering has found an innovative solution for fixing issues pertaining to airplane engines without opening up the whole engine.  Along with the engineers from Harvard University and the University of Nottingham – the company has developed robotic systems that just the size of bugs. These tiny robots are capable of crawling...
The digital age as we know it today has resulted in a number of gadgets at our disposal be it in the form of tablets, smart phones, apps, social networking sites, e-commerce, etc.  A few decades back before the evolution of digital marketing the work of advertisers was used to be creating impressive advertisements for the print...
The term Artificial Intelligence or AI has names such as machine learning, “strong” AI, “true” AI or artificial general learning or (AGI) with the media frequently misunderstanding it amidst the recurring theme of science fiction for over decades.  However, with the dramatic progress of Artificial Intelligence over the last few years there is a debate...
Isn’t it amazing when you can control your bedroom curtains’ movement in a single remote or when you can switch off your heater even when you are out of your home?   Welcome to the Era of Remote Sensors, Technologies, Software and What not!  The only vision is to control your things and surroundings around you...

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