• Why You Need Website for a Successful Business
    Market trends are changing, people perception is changing and in this digital era, everything is available to consumers from the comfort of their palm, Yes, you are right, it’s mobile device. Ever since pandemic many organisations are racing hard to secure their very own spot on digital medium. Despite all these, you should remember that […]
  • Secret Behind Building a Successful Website
    Website is a powerful medium through which we can represent a brand or a portfolio and is a centralized digital source for people across the globe to know about your brand or yourself. That means more time to be spent while building the website balancing all nine elements: Technology that Stands Test of Time Technology […]
  • 11 Best Free Online Grammar and Punctuation Checker Tools in 2020
    A blog to be impressive and achieve the desired results should be error-free both grammatically as well as in terms of punctuation rules.  Therefore, it is important you should start using online punctuation checker tools to ensure that your content is flawless. The more and dedicated efforts you put into your blog or article – […]
  • An Overview of ATL, BTL & TTL Marketing[Definitions And Examples]
    ATL, BTL, and TTL is the terms being used in marketing these days with frequency. The terms ATL, BTL and TTL are stands for ATL – Above the Line Marketing BTL – Below The Line Marketing and TTL – Through The Line Marketing The terms ATL, BTL came into existence or were used when Proctor and […]
  • Are you Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency for the first time for your business needs? Are you?
    Then don’t go blindly in choosing, because you may be burned by black hat techniques, our expert team works with many business executives and the marketers and they often hear about difficulties they are faced when they had worked with an inefficient digital marketing agency.  It is well-known that in today’s digital world, everyone is promoting their […]
  • Psychological Strategies for Dealing with Difficult Customers
    The symptoms that customers are getting frustrated include short replies, heavy sighs and crossed arms that show that they are losing interest in what you are saying. This should sound alarming bells for your business that might be in deep trouble. However, it is often difficult to know when your customer is angry as sometimes, […]
  • Using Influencer Marketing for Achieving Company Goals
    Influencer marketing as per the study conducted by Nielsen Catalina Solutions is providing a return on investment that is eleven times higher than traditional digital marketing forms.  As per the available statistics, non-celebrity bloggers inspire to undertake purchases more than celebrities with 30% of consumers more likely to buy from them. About 95% of consumers trust recommendations from […]
  • Five Marketing Roles That Needs To Be Filled Up By Any Businesses
    The face of marketing has changed over the years with the focus on advertising, managing websites and arranging for trade shows thrown to the back-burner.  Marketing’s prime responsibility remains creating a positive brand perception as it impacts the different areas of businesses with marketers donning lot of hats.  Therefore, it is important for organizations to define the […]
  • Five Body Language Tips for your Career Success
    Body language plays a key role in reflecting your level of confidence or lack of confidence. Therefore, learning about harnessing your body language will give you an upper hand in negotiations, presentations and client meetings.  There are five ways through which you can use your body language to get success in your workplace Using Gestures […]
  • The Five Things That A CEO Should Know About Branding
    A CEO is a person who sets the tone and shapes the culture of his or her organization and most of the CEOs of the Fortune 500 companies are trained in one the areas such as engineering, finance or operations.  Each of these CEOs knew pretty well about selling, building their products or services, managing […]
  • 5 Best Web Development Steps to Design a Perfect Website
    In this digital world, we find everything on the internet and a website is often the first place that customers get to know about your company, its products, and services.  We all know that the first impression is the best impression as such the first impression of your website depends on its design. Customers demand […]
  • Best 15 Free Blog Sites for Creating Quick Personal Blogs
    If you want to earn money through digital marketing, then blogging is one of the best ways to earn online. Generally, blogs are of two types- free and self-hosted blogs.  If you are planning to start your blogger’s journey, you may begin with the free blogging sites.  With free blogging sites, you can use your intelligence and start earning without investing a single penny. Although the self-hosted […]
  • List of 65 Photoshop Shortcuts that Save Your Time
    Do you want to use Photoshop in a Shortcut way ? Do you want to spend less time and increase your productivity while using photoshop whether it is cropping a photo or improving the resolution or changing the size of the canvas. There are tonnes of option out there to make your photoshop journey simple and easy, All you have […]
  • Best Strategies for Branding Mobile Apps
    The growth in mobile application design is quite phenomenal over these years with more and more mobile apps being added to the stock of Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store.   According to the Statista data, there are more than 5 million apps available at both the play stores of Apple and Google with the […]
  • 20 Best Ways To Increase Traffic To Your Website
    If you ask any business owner or marketer what they need most in their business? and the answer probably “more customers”. What does a business owner or a marketer need in their business? and the answer is “more customers”. In this digital era, how are you going to enable the reach? the answer is by […]
  • All-Time Best Tips For Interview
    Every time you sit all the way down to write one, you most likely browse letter examples online, get overpowered, and assume one thing to the result of: will anyone very browse these? Wouldn’t it’s almost easier if I might simply let my resume represent itself? What to place within the Body of Your Cover […]
  • Be a Smart Innovator by Jotting Down your Ideas
    A person’s biggest inherent asset is his or her mind which is a storehouse of different thoughts processing about 50,000 thoughts on an average every day. However, the majority of these thoughts consist of unnecessary information and it is normal to forget most of this information. Nevertheless, in the midst of these thoughts, there are great ideas that flow […]
  • Connection Between Minimalism and Productivity
    Most of us believe that being productive means working long hours that include working early in the morning, skipping breakfast, lunch and even your dinner at times. However, as time passes by we come to the conclusion that we are not working productively even when we finish all of our tasks and projects on time. […]
  • Off-Page SEO-Link Building
    Off-Page SEO is also known as “Off-Site SEO”. It refers to all the actions taken outside of your website in order to increase the ranking of your website in the search engine results page. Whereas in On-Page SEO we can do any changes or improvements within your website or the pages on your own website. […]
  • List Of Free Important Directory Submissions in 2019
    Doing Off-Page SEO for your client?Looking for the top free directory submission sites with high domain authority(DA) and lowest spam score? Then you’re in the correct place. If you’re struggling to increase your traffic, you have to focus on SEO. But it’s NOT as easy as it sounds. Am I correct? You need a lot […]
  • Soli – Gesture Sensors
    With the Internet of Things developing, we are connected with smart systems, wherein with a simple, we can do anything with our surroundings. How about just using your hand gesture to work with things around? How about pressing a button virtually? Or changing time in your watch without turning your watch crown? Incredible it is!  […]
  • Best Tips for Enhancing Website Performance Optimization
    The performance of your website is critical for your businesses with the visitors of your website with their limited time schedule wanting to access your website quite easily with the pages loading quickly. Websites of organizations that are not fast enough in loading are in danger of losing their customers and getting bad publicity about […]

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