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Facebook Developed New Technology To Fight Against Child Exploitation

Facebook has developed a new technology machine learning and artificial intelligence innovation to fight against child exploitation on Wednesday on their platform. Antigone Davis, global head of safety at Facebook said “One of our most significant obligations is keeping children safe on Facebook. We don’t endure any conduct or substance that adventures them on the […]

6 Smart Ways To Reach The Audience Through YouTube Channel

Statistics show more than 70% of consumers are influenced by video. Although web design has been successful, you cannot ignore the fact that – YouTube has emerged as one powerful tool in the digital marketing world. It certainly has the power to reach billions of users out there. Hence, the business intelligence experts cannot ignore the opportunity that YouTube […]

Tips To Optimize Your Twitter Strategy in 2018

Tips To Optimize Your Twitter Strategy in 2018

Social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram etc are playing a crucial role in the business expansion of enterprises. Having a Twitter presence by optimizing your Twitter strategy is the best option as Twitter is still among the top social networks today with over 330 million users. There are reasons why you should […]

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