Are you Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency for the first time for your business needs? Are you?

Are you Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency for the first time for your business needs? Are you?0

Then don’t go blindly in choosing, because you may be burned by black hat techniques, our expert team works with many business executives and the marketers and they often hear about difficulties they are faced when they had worked with an inefficient digital marketing agency

It is well-known that in today’s digital world, everyone is promoting their business online in order to increase traffic to their website, sales, branding, etc., 

Now it’s the big question to you, How can you often choose a proven and result-oriented digital marketing agency, do they have experience and know all and they have skills to reach your objectives and goals. 

So you will be very particular about your next business marketing partner. Finding the best digital marketing agency is not a big issue but it’s the cost of time for doing some research.

You have to ask all the precise questions that the digital marketing agency team is thinking and approach align with your expected delivery?  

Are they truly professional what they do?  

Are they following same digital marketing strategies for their own agency ect., 

Here in this handbook, we are providing the importance, benefits of digital marketing and some checklists for choosing a Best Trusted Digital Marketing Agency as your business marketing partner.

Many of these questions that our clients have been asked before we met them. we hope these checklists can help find the best digital marketing partner that can fit for your company. 

Is Their Website is Responsive? 

The first foremost thing that you have to do is to check their website design.  

Is their website designed well, simple?  

Is it easy to use?  

 Does the content (including text, images, videos, testimonials, design) speak the buyer persona?  

Content on the website is having a mix of text, images, videos, etc., if not then they are a lack of creativity…  

Is their website is Responsive or mobile-friendly?  

How often they are updating their website frequently?  

Does the website have a clear purpose with obvious conversion points?  

Is it trying to get you to visit their contact us page or sign up?  

Does the agency use Chatbots?  

Does the agency website talking about its people, it’s culture and philosophy?  

In simple words it’s conveying the message at some like you? if it’s not then it’s not, they are not your right business partners. 

Check If the Agency Has a Successful Blog and any Content Marketing Plan in Action 

We all head this proverb so many times ” CONTENT IS THE KING”, then we strongly believe that BLOG is the QUEEN.

Content Marketing allows a business to position itself as an industry expert. below are some of the questions you can consider in your mind while choosing your digital marketing agency.  

Are they blogging Regularly or Frequently?  

Do they provide a chance to sign up for email blog notification for blog visitors?  

Does their blog have a well-designed blog overview page with tags, call-to-actions, etc.,?  

Is the blog has unique content, images, internal links, external links, etc.,?  

Content on the blog is kept up with trending and industry news?  

Do they have a mix of content like eBooks, PDFs, Whitepapers, Infographics, webinars, etc.,  

Does the Agency Implement  Inbound Marketing & Conversion Optimization? 

Inbound marketing helps to attract potential customers to a website and keep them engaged with high quality and relevant content. While choosing a digital agency partner for your inbound marketing you should consider the checklist of the following questions.  

Does the Agency’s website have any CTAs?  

Website Have any Landing pages?  

Are they talk about proving ROI?  

Do they have any marketing automation software? 

Check the Agency’s SEO Strategy and Methods They are Using? 

Search engine optimization plays a key role in ranking a website top in the search results page. According to recent SEO Statistics, Search engines drive 93% of all website traffic.   

SEO increases the value of your site by making it progressively appealing to web crawlers. In case you’re searching for a digital agency to help with your SEO, ensure they pursue the accepted procedures beneath:  

Do they have unique Meta Titles and Descriptions?  

Does their website have Internal links?  

Is content in their Website is optimized for their productive keywords?  

Are URLs optimized with priority keywords?  

Website images tagged with alt tags?  

Do they follow Google Webmaster Guidelines?  

Does their website footer is optimized with Contact information Address, Phone number, etc.,?  

Do they have any Case studies?  

What Is the Agency’s Social Media Marketing Approach? 

Social media has evolved as a primary marketing tool over time. Nearly half the world’s population 3.03 billion people are spending time on their favorite social media either it’s maybe  Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, etc.. That’s why social media has become a medium for driving lead generation through effective content sharing.  

So when you are choosing your social media marketing partner you should check the following   

The first thing you need to check their presence on social media.  

Are they updating or posting content regularly in their social media account?   

Are they creating a buzz in their social media?   

Does the Agency post relevant and engaging content?  

What type of content(text, image, videos, infographics, etc.,)  are they posting?  

Are they influencing you from their social media page to their website? 

Conclusion: Finally It’s your choice to make the Right Decision! 

Choosing a Trusted  Digital Marketing Agency is an important decision because it makes your brand or services or products to the next level in this competitive marketing.

We mentioned all the tips and checklists in this handbook that can guide you hire the right Digital Marketing Agency partner for your business needs.   

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