Best 15 Free Blog Sites for Creating Quick Personal Blogs

Best 15 Free Blog Sites for Creating Quick Personal Blogs0

If you want to earn money through digital marketing, then blogging is one of the best ways to earn online. Generally, blogs are of two types- free and self-hosted blogs. 

If you are planning to start your blogger’s journey, you may begin with the free blogging sites. 

With free blogging sites, you can use your intelligence and start earning without investing a single penny.

Although the self-hosted or premium blog sites have their own advantage, free sites can be a great starter for sure. 

When you are beginning to write your blogs, you must give preference to the domain name. You will get free domains when you are using free blogging websites. 

When you choose to host your blogging sites, you will be provided with a sub-domain name attached to the blog address.

Most of the free blog sites allow the users to add images, music, and visually appealing media to make it more readable. 

However, you are not allowed to change the themes or upload a template unless you opt for premium versions.

Here is a list of top 10 blogging sites where you can create your own blog space for Free!

1. (BlogSpot)

When it comes to the free blogging site, stands at the top of the list. The blogging website is owned by Google. As a beginner, you will be dumbstruck with features and colorful themes.

2. is one of the most renowned and commonly used blogging platforms. WordPress is used to create personal and professional blog sites. 

The WordPress blogging software is easily downloadable from the website. It is the best business solution for digital marketers as well. 

The blog platform has a number of interesting features than any other blogging sites available online.

3. Live is available in both free and premium versions. If you do not want to get showered with unwanted advertisements then you must prefer the paid versions only. 

However, the free blogging platform has a lot of social media features that make it exclusive and different from other free blogging sites.

4. is quite similar to microblogging sites like Twitter and Facebook. The site offers free blogs that are more about visuals. 

You will be amazed at the hundreds of features that can make your blogs visually appealing. 

The site allows you to show your videos, images, blogs, and music any way you want. Tumblr also allows you to post directly from your emails.

5. is truly a boon for the professional bloggers. The site is available for both free and paid version. 

With, you get facilities like multiple blogger platforms, social media integration, and blog tracker through Google analytics. 

The allows you to choose from the number of themes, however, you need to get a paid version in order to enjoy the premium features.

6. has been named one of the best 50 blog websites by Times because of its versatile platform. 

Weebly is a popular free blogging website that is used by many bloggers around the world.

Weebly allows you to host your own domain without charging a single penny; an exclusive feature that is not available with any other blogging sites.

7. Penzu is a user-friendly blogging site that allows you to post your private journals on your blog. 

The website is Smartphone accessible and provides the users with an easy to use navigation. 

Penzu provides unlimited storage facilities for the users to upload images, and save blogs.

8. Squarespace

If you are looking for one of the easiest ways to create a free website, the  squarespace is the one you are looking for! It is the most effective website for photographers, retail owners, musicians, and bloggers. 

With appealing templates, Graphic designs and Typekit fonts, you will be amazed by the features of Squarespace.

9. Svbtle

With Svbtle, you can create your own domain name. This blogging platform allows you to perform all the activities that any other top-rated website offers. 

However, you don’t get many options to experiment with your blog designs.


If you are looking for a free education related Website development software, then will do complete justice to your motives. 

This website is largely used by college students and professors who want to have a website of their own.

11. Wix is an amazing website builder tool through which users can create beautiful and stunning websites without the help of website designers.

Wix is available with specific tools helping businesses in gorgeous websites. It has more than 103 million registered users with about 45000 new users joining as members every other day.

The benefits of this website are that it offers over 510 professional templates as per latest design trends. It also covers all basic SEO settings.

One of the demerits of this website builder is that it is not designed for managing complex e-commerce needs.

12. Medium

Another free blogging platform is Medium that allows its users to create stories and have their personal space on the web. 

The users can contribute the content by creating an account for free through their email address or using their Twitter account. 

The pros of this website is that the posts can reach huge audience other than typical targeted audience with the content served by highly secured medium severs. 

The disadvantage of this blogging platform is that the users have no choice of choosing their own design and layout for their website.

13. Ghost

Ghost is another free blogging platform for bloggers who can write great looking blogs. Ghost has amazing and beautiful template themes to choose from. 

The advantages of this blogging platform includes – flexible user interface, feature rich pages of the whole back end and simple and flexible to use for beginners.

14. Postach

Postach is another free blogging platform that uses external note organization program Evernote to create blog posts and managing the content. To sign up the – users need to have an Evernote account. 

The benefits of using this blogging platform include – Good content management where the users can connect their blogs with Disqus, unlimited storage (limited to 60MB of Uploads per month for free).

15. Jimdo

Jimdo is a hassle free blogging platform to build an online shopping website without investing huge sums of money. This platform is good choice for small and medium business firms. 

Jimdo web pages are search engine optimized and in case the users have the knowledge of coding then it gives them enough scope for designing their website pages.

Finally, it can be concluded that the choice of the choosing the best free blogging site depends upon the user profession or occupation and the target audience with whom the users would like to share their blogs.  

As you start exploring these free websites, you get more acquainted with their features and their usability. 

Choose the free websites that are competent in fulfilling the essence of your blogs.

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Best 15 Free Blog Sites for Creating Quick Personal Blogs