How Qlikview Helping Businesses In Driving up Operational Efficiency


QlikView or Qlik is Business Intelligence (BI) software providing self service BI for all business users in organizations developed by Qlik – a software company in business intelligence. Previously, this software tool was called – “Quik View” that stood for Quality, Understanding, Interaction and Knowledge with its first version released in 1994.

During 2016 was positioned in the Leaders quadrant of Gartner’s Business Intelligence and Analytics Platforms Magic Quadrant for the sixth consecutive year. Qlik was also named as the most popular BI tool by IT central.

Qlik analytics platform consists of self service analytics, embedded analytics and guided analytics in the form of Qlik Sense and Qlik View with smart visualizations drag and drop report or dashboard creation with an ability to consolidate data from any multiple data sources.

Strengths of Qlik – An Overview

Qlik utilizes the new generation patented “in memory” associative technology to get sophisticated analysis and reporting easier to be deployed, used and maintained by the organizations. Some of the benefits of using Qlik include-

  • Improving the production, plant performance and product with self-service analytics.
  • Enhances sales and operations planning with better forecasting.
  • It helps in mobilizing supply chain with real time analytics.
  • Helps in improving customer service by interpreting, reacting to customer feedback to drive efficiencies and improvements.

For IT professionals, QlikView helps them in focusing their time and energy on aspects such as data security, system management, data provision as it combines data from sources thereby completely taking over reporting and data tasks. QlikView requires less maintenance, faster use of data and closing security of all the data records of the organization implementing Qlikview.

QlikView can also be integrated with other software applications such as SAP, Net Weaver, and Microsoft SharePoint.  Finally, it can be said that QlikView has emerged as the leading BI tool providing solutions in the shortest possible time at lower costs with higher customer value.

It is estimated that more than 600,000 users in over hundred countries are using QlikView to support their most important decisions taking advantage of its 64-bit multi-core hardware platforms that allow thousands of users to access billions of records of data.

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