How To Balance Work & Life and Attain Happiness


We all work for a purpose, some people work to earn their lively hood, some people work to satiate their passion and some to let live their lives independently, whatever can be the purpose work shouldn’t be everything, there are various other elements in life that have to be cherished like family, friends, nature, dreams, when these elements are properly balanced and enjoyed anybody can attain the greatest happiness.

At vouchsolutions, we emphasize on placing greater value towards balancing work and life while working we do it wholeheartedly, learn new things, explore, go beyond boundaries and be a problem solver with a strong focus on the solution rather than focus on the problem. 

Once we are out of work, we are totally different, our organization does not allow us to work after working hours, we spend good time with family, friends, time towards fulfilling our dreams, and ME time to do the things our soul loves.

How To Balance Work & Life and Attain Happiness

Understanding The Priorities For The Day

At work, we are so clear with our goals and responsibilities, we maintain a matrix that states the priorities we need to focus on for that day which enables us to move forward with clear direction, this habit also enables us to fulfill our daily family and personal responsibilities on-time making life easy.

 Focusing On Solution, Rather Than Worrying About Problem

The moment we encounter a problem, we have two ways, either we allow the brain to panic about the problem which makes the brain to think less about the solution, or we make the brain to focus on the solution rather than thinking about who created the problem and why we follow the latter approach, this mindset has enabled us to move forward even during the thickest times at work and life, this can be achieved with daily practice and results are amazing.

We are Like Lifetime Students and Enjoy Learning

There is so much to know and so much to learn, we always learn from each other, at work no body is superior, we all are being treated equally, we come to work with one motto “learn” and we believe that continuous learning will never cease us from growing, we learn from our experiences, we learn from our challenges, we learn from our mistakes, we believe that there is no such thing as winning and loosing either we learn or get an experience.

Collaborate and Build Healthy Relationships

We believe that things get easy when we build healthy relationships, we believe in collaborating be it for brainstorming new ideas, or for getting the job done.

We work together by letting greater good of team’s work surface above own ego, collaboration to us means listening, understanding, explaining, learning and implementing solutions that work best for the organization and for our clients.

Always Hold Tight Towards Responsibilities

We move ahead with well set goals, we are pretty much aware of our responsibilities and at VouchSolutions, we are not confined to any defined set of responsibilities, we are offered with freedom to learn explore and execute responsibilities that ignites our passion and happiness, whether we are working from home or far away from office we do it right, for every task we do we maintain RACI (matrix that states who is RESPONSIBLE, ACCOUNTABLE, INFORMED and CONSULTED for every task on hand) to keep the key people informed and to consult the right people, with RACI on hand we are very clear about the responsibilities and accountabilities for every task on hand  

The family is Everything, Enjoying and Attending Makes The Difference

Even when we are at work, we give utmost importance to family, when we receive call from immediate family members we answer it no matter whether we are cracking some complex problem or in a team meeting. 

Family comes above all, attending to family, never breaking the responsibilities and integrity even we are away from our family enables us to strengthen the family bonding and make us happy, this philosophy enables us to bring in fresh perspectives and happiness to work. When we encounter personal issues, we take time off to sort them up.

Friends Make All The Difference – Time with Friends

Life is all about enjoying every moment, friends make life colorful and we do create space to hang around with friends and do the things we cherish the most, do you know that spending time with people you love will increase oxytocin which supports brain’s serotonin? serotonin is the feel good neurochemical that calms fear center of the brain and strengthens communication with brain circuits which in turn helps to control emotions.

ME Time Is Very Important

You are doing the work you love, spending good time with family, executing all responsibilities, having time with friends, but what about spending time with YOURSELF, you heard it right, enjoying your own company is the greatest pleasure of all and you need to look after yourself and retreat your inward by doing the things your souls and heart loves, loving your self and pampering yourself is the first step towards loving others.

Smiling is good for your whole body

 SMILE & Value Life

We SMILE and laugh as much as we can, after all we are alive, breathing, healthy and people who mean to us are doing well, displaying gratitude towards the life and thanking for where we are in life and appreciating every challenge and problem that comes on our way is the way to go.

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