List Of Free Important Directory Submissions in 2019


Doing Off-Page SEO for your client?
Looking for the top free directory submission sites with high domain authority(DA) and lowest spam score?
Then you’re in the correct place.

If you’re struggling to increase your traffic, you have to focus on SEO. But it’s NOT as easy as it sounds. Am I correct?

You need a lot of quality backlinks with high domain authority (DA) in order to generate more website traffic.

Here we are providing some free directory submission sites with high domain authority(DA) with the lowest spam score.

We can’t say they can give tons of traffic or SEO value but they are worth giving a try if you’re just starting out to get more traction with your site.

Here we worked hard for making all the list and we are providing all the list by category wise. we hope this list helps you.

Let’s talk about a few essential things about free directory submission sites, then you’ll discover a list of free directory submission sites to submit your site for free in 2019.

S.NoBusiness ListingsDomain Authority(DA)Page Authority(PA)
1 9173
2 8655
3 8963
4 8367
5 8378
6 8663
7 8471
8 http://www.fixya.com7654
9 7355
10 7859
12 6742
13 6630
14 6446
15 6069
16 6065
17 5646
18 5657
19 5448
20 5053
21 4555

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