Seven Traits of a Great Team Member

Seven Traits of a Great Team Member0

A great team is not born but is made as no team is perfect as an effective team requires people with different strengths to work together in new ways and at greater speeds to achieve top-notch results.

Having worked with some great teams, I have learned that having a good team often makes a difference in how well we do at reaching objectives.

It is found that the longer a great team is together, the better it seems to work together even though it starts with finding the right people to join the team. In the process of putting together a team, one should consider the following seven traits of a good team member and 

here is a list of the 7 positive traits that separates the remarkable team from those unfathomable.


Great team members believe in transparency to the core as they share burden with one another. The more a team learns to trust each other the greater the process becomes. As a combined team, they are open to challenge the system or management or higher authorities to make the organization better.


A team member who is loyal to the vision of the organization and its senior leadership helps in strengthening the organization’s business objective. 

However, loyalty does not mean to have a unanimous agreement on every decision but there should be unanimity of purpose.

Team Spirit

A healthy team does not indulge in turf wars and in fact they reprimand struggling alone and as a team would like to help those who are in distress.

Healthy Personal Life

A great team invests in living a healthy life based on physical, emotional and spiritual levels. 

For instance, in ministries where it is required to deal with a lot of disorder in other people’s life, it is important for a team to strive for a healthy personal life.

A Sense Of Humor

Great teams have a sense of humor that also includes a team comprising of people who can laugh at one another. Teams should have fun together.

Work Ethics

A great team has a sense of responsibility and an inner drive needed to complete the work.

Servants Heart

A great team should have a heart of a servant when serving others. Like a model of the entire ministry, team members should emerge as role models for others to follow.

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