Tips for Using Instagram Stories to Boost Engagement

Tips for Using Instagram Stories to Boost Engagement0

Instagram Stories is a feature that let users post photos and videos that vanish after 24 hours. The brand new features are being rolled out on Instagram Stories over the next few months. 

With this overlooked feature it is for the users to know about how they can utilize this overlooked feature.

The first time when Instagram Stories was introduced, users and business entities were confused and clueless about how to use Instagram Stories.

With the passage of time, Instagram influencers experimented with more creative ways to tell stories to their followers. 

Ever since Instagram Stories took off on the Instagram platform a lot of new features were added that range from filters to geotagging and swipe up features that allow users to click through an external website.

Using Instagram Stories to Connect with your Customers/Clients

The ever-expanding library of features has to lead to the expansion of Instagram Stories in an exponential way. The apps that had been developed allow its users to add animated text, borders, frames with more filter options. 

In addition, Instagram is experimenting with new features to increase engagement between users and their followers.

The brand new emoji slider has been introduced to Instagram Stories, allows users to have a similar experience when they are using Facebook thereby giving them the option of choosing an emoji reaction to a story they are watching. 

The one thing that lacks with Instagram Stories is that there is very less interaction between the content creators and followers other than through poll or a direct message.

Tips for Increasing Engagement with the help of New Features

Involvement of followers in making decisions

The poll feature on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter is quite popular that offers an option to run polls for the followers. 

The Instagram Stories with its poll feature helps in creating between users and followers. By using polls feature would help you making your followers excited for their inclusion in your business decisions. 

For instance, you can ask your followers for helping you choose between different product launches or choosing between two different website designs for your business. 

This type of direct interaction would help your followers to feel that they are part and parcel of your business decisions or engagement with the person behind the concerned account.

Collaborate with Instagram Influencers on Sponsored Stories

Your brand exposure would get enhanced in case you succeed in finding Instagram influences with engaged followers. 

You can input or write direct messages to your favorite influencers in the form of conversations that pitches about your campaign ideas. 

However, it is recommended to pitch for a finished idea that can prove more successful than initial ideas.

Highlighting a new post in your story

To engage your followers it is important to highlight a new post in your story that would appear at the top of your followers feeds so that they do not lose in a feed. 

By highlighting a new post in your story you can inform your followers of a new post that they may have missed and get them to head your account page to see and engage with your new post.

Offer to Feature Account who Mentions your Brand

For those businesses or marketers who had just launched their new products or services – Instagram users can be asked to tag businesses or marketers in their posts for a chance to be featured on Instagram stories. 

This will enable businesses to putting them in direct contact with their prospective customers or clients. 

Therefore, asking the customers to bring awareness to themselves will help organizations in keeping in touch with their audience and customer base.

The Key to Success with Instagram Stories – Inside Story

To get success through Instagram Stories, businesses need to think creatively such as thinking about the features available and then finding different ways to use these features to their advantage. 

Business entities need to pay attention to what people are doing on their Instagram Stories and how these people are innovative. 

Therefore, in the end, one can conclude that through research with Instagram Stories, businesses can increase or expand their reach phenomenally.  

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