Writing Style Guide for Website Content with SEO Friendly:

Writing Style Guide for Website Content with SEO Friendly0

The most essential 10 questions that every content writer should ask before when writing content for a website.

  1. What is their Mission of the brand?
  2. What are the Keywords, Taglines, phrases, and perspective of that brand?
  3. What is the purpose of the content?
  4. Who is their focus audience and what they like?
  5. What problem the audience is facing and is this content is the solution to their problem?
  6. What kind of tone that their band conveys and how does this content resonate with the audience?
  7. What writing style used by their brand?
  8. How does their brand organize their content?
  9. What platforms that brand using to driving the traffic?
  10. What kind of conversations does that brand trying with the content?

SEO Content Writing Style Guide Template:

  1. Title
    Write the title by including priority or focus keywords and title should be Eye-catchy
    Format: Focus keyword + Brand Name – max 65 characters or less
  2. Metadata
    Focus keywords + Brand name + CTA – In 160 characters
  3. Word Count – maintain the word count in between 1200-1500 words.
  4. Keywords Count – No of Keywords per page (roughly), you can also check using online tools for over-optimization
  5. Keywords Implementation – When and where to use or add focus/priority keywords in the content
  6. Internal Links – How many Internal links should there on a page
  7. External Links – How many external links should we include in a page
  8. Headings – Formatting of H2 and H3 Tags (count how many H2 and h3 tags are there in a page)
  9. Length of the content– No of sentences for per paragraph (as per SearchEngineLand 2-3 sentences per page)
  10. Call To Actions – How many CTAs are there on a page and where they can place exactly
  11. Others– Anchor links, bullet points (as per SEL we can use 6 bulletin points in a section), featuring a snippet.

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