11 Best Free Online Grammar and Punctuation Checker Tools in 2020


A blog to be impressive and achieve the desired results should be error-free both grammatically as well as in terms of punctuation rules. 

Therefore, it is important you should start using online punctuation checker tools to ensure that your content is flawless.

The more and dedicated efforts you put into your blog or article – the better would be the results. 

The following are the best online punctuation checker and grammar checker tools that are available free that help you write content without any typo errors and grammatical mistakes.

Punctuation Checker

Punctuation checker is a free punctuation checker tool that helps you in writing error-free content through their automatic program assistance. 

The user just has to go to the punction checker website –  and type or copy-paste their text or content and then click on “Check your text” and it will instantly check the writing and display the result in few minutes. 

The Additional Features of this Tool Include

  • Context optimized synonym suggestions
  • Error explanation and correction tips
  • Citation assistance to avoid plagiarism


Grammarly is another free online punctuation checker tool that comes in handy for writers or bloggers for checking grammatical and punctuation errors. 

Grammarly has a powerful in-built algorithm developed by world’s leading firm on linguistic technologies. 

It has the power of correcting up to ten times more mistakes than the general word processor. It corrects over 250 grammatical mistakes at one time.

Spell Check Online

Spell check online is a popular punctuation checker tool that is available not only in English language but also in other languages such as German, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, Swedish texts. 

The users can copy-paste the content pages from programs such as Word, Excel or PowerPoint documents on their sites to rectify their grammatical or punctuation mistakes.

Language Tool

Language tool is available not only in English language but in twenty other languages with simple proofreading and punctuation checking dialogue box on their site that helps its users in correcting their grammatical mistakes.


Ginger is a widely used and popular spell checker and spelling collector tool that allows its user to write flawless content. 

It has a patent-pending technology that corrects any type of mistake including those undetected by other spell checkers.

Grammar Check

Grammar check tool is another secured online tool that can proof read any English text with “Copy and Paste” option. 

With its colorful underlined prompts, users can detect different types of spelling errors, grammar and style suggestions.

Grammar Base

Grammar Base is designed for its users in a format of searching all types of grammatical and punctuation mistakes on their copy. 

Its paid version is available to the users through which the content is cross-checked by professional writers or experts to ensure an error-free document.

Gregory’s Punctuation Checker Tool

This free online punctuation checker tool is capable of easily rectifying punctuation errors provided the text is not more than 10,000 words. 

This tool even though not 100% accurate is still capable of rectifying grammatical mistakes in proper order.

White Smoke

White Smoke is the most popular online punctuation checker tool especially used by bloggers and writers across the globe. 

This software tool works in all types of browsers and documents such as MS-Word, Outlook and other text editing programs. 

White Smoke comes as a paid tool but the prospective users can get a free trial for a few weeks by entering their email address. 

It improves the writing style of the bloggers and writers and can be used or accessed from anywhere such as desktop computers, tablet or smartphone connected to the internet.

Paper Rater

The paper rater is quite popular grammar and punctuation checker tool among academicians as this tool also finds out in case the particular document or text contains plagiarized text. 

This tool checks and compares the text to over ten million documents so that the content does not have any duplicate text. 

Paper Rater is simple to use with its users getting the details of their content in the form of statistics about grammar, word choice, spelling and other add on features.


EssayOnTime is a quick grammar and punctuation checker tool . This grammar checker and punctuation corrector highlight different types of mistakes in different colors. It helps you navigate through your errors better.

EssyOntime software assist you in writing texts free of grammar, punctuation, and stylistic mistakes. Moreover, this tool can also point out in the words that do not exist in our English vocabulary and suggest the most suitable synonym.


Choosing the right punctuation checker tool is always recommended for writers and bloggers to eliminate errors and thereby writing great content. 

Writing flawless content is a necessity rather than a choice and for that bloggers and writers need to use the best free online punctuation checker tools. 

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