Secret Behind Building a Successful Website


Website is a powerful medium through which we can represent a brand or a portfolio and is a centralized digital source for people across the globe to know about your brand or yourself. That means more time to be spent while building the website balancing all nine elements:

Technology that Stands Test of Time

Technology is a powerful weapon through which we can express our ideas and creativity; people should be cautious when selecting technology for their websites. Every website is unique, For example, to build a simple static website to display the data, it is ideal to go with bootstrap, or if you are looking at building a dynamic or e-commerce website, you can consider bootstrap or or .net CORE or React. Whatever is your choice of technology make sure that it stands the test of time.

Make the Flow Right

Make sure it is always easy for the user to maneuver through the website and find the information he is looking out for, and chalk out the landing and inner pages to provide a comprehensive picture to the user. Building a user-friendly site map is always crucial in building a successful website. Once the flow is ready, ensure to connect all the pages with CTAs(Click To Action) and hyperlinks so that users will spend time going through most of the information on the website. After strategizing the flow of the website, design forms for various pages to capture user information for marketing and re-marketing purposes.

Unique & Google Friendly Content

Content is king, and it is quintessential to create content from scratch in alignment with clients’ brand values and synergy; it should be unique and Google-friendly and should comprise of all relevant keywords reflecting value proposition. It is ideal to devise a content strategy and design topic clusters for each topic so that users will find it engaging. The key is to provide more education and knowledge to your customer while explaining the value of your products and services.

Ensure Compatibility

These days people are browsing everything from the comfort of their palms. Your guess is right its the mobile phone. Consider building a website that looks engaging in all views like mobile, iPad, desktop, and large screens. Many big companies overlook the importance of compatibility and end up losing visitors. It is crucial to enable a customized user experience for all views to engage the users. 

Say NO to templates and YES to coding.

Many templates are available to develop a website with a simple plug-and-play, like WIX, WordPress, Shopify, etc. It is very comfortable for layman to pick up a template, insert content and images and publish a website. But, all these templates have pre-fixed rules and styles, and we have to fit into their style with no room for any customizations and expansions. Finally, no matter how much time we spend building a website from templates,the intellectual property does not belong to us.

So, it is always ideal to code your website from scratch using the latest technologies and optimize every element to gain control of your website so that it stands the test of time and can support your expansion and creativity.

Aesthetics in Alignment to Brand Synergy

To attract visitors it is necessary to enable the designs per your brand theme, banners, icons, and images should reflect the brand colors and stylewith better consistency. During this phase, you should be patient enough to try out various designs to check whether they are blending into your context. Be patient – better designs means better engagement. After completing the design phase, ensure to optimize all the design elements for better performance.

Ensure Performance

The loading time of website determines its success, which means if the website loads in less than 3 seconds, it is considered best performing website; more loading time leads to increased user frustrations and bounce rate. Optimise your codes, designs, and content to maintain better performance. Keep an eye on security by integrating SSL into the website and incorporate security protocols in your codes. 

Quality Check

Never miss your quality checks. Compatibility, performance, optimization, codes, designs, ensure content is free of plagiarism, and test performance and behavior of the website from various locations and perspectives. Make sure to complete the quality checks, and obtain feedback from key stakeholders to ensure smooth go-live.

Host it Right & Maintain it Promptly

Selecting proper infrastructure to host the website is crucial to attain best performance, and availability. If the server and the hosting environment is not sophisticated enough to hold the website, it will sabotage the whole purpose. Hey, wait, its not done after hosting the website. The following should be take care throughout as part of your annual maintenance.:

  • Should enable Whatsapp and chatbot on the website to make it easy for the users to communicate with the business representatives.
  • Should install Analytics to monitor the website user activity and flow.
  • Should ensure that there are no page breaks or code breaks.
  • Should update the code and plugins necessary
  • Search Engine Optimisation elements should be maintained timely as per the market trends to rank the website in google.

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