3 Powerful LinkedIn Hacks To Grab The Attention Of Users in 2018


The capabilities of LinkedIn are yet to discovered by its users with majority of them not knowing how to navigate much less even focus on its capabilities. 

Through LinkedIn hacks one can immediately improve their LinkedIn profiles to grab the attention of its users. 

The following three LinkedIn Hacks can immediately improve your success as discussed herein below:

Hack your Profile such as your Background, Profile Picture, Headline and Summary

Branding your candidature is very important to cultivate trust online to show that you are legitimate and credible.

Use your latest profile picture with your website banner for your background. People should be able to recognize you when they meet you. 

The billboard is your headline and you can grab attention by using your keywords in about 120 characters. 

Your summary should of 2000 character sales letter that lets your ideal clients in taking the next step with you. Add video to your summary media to bring yourself to life to make your profile three dimensional.

Hack your Messages

It is important to have a scalable system that is authentic and powerfully cultivates relationships. 

Create conversations and set the tone by welcoming new connections by acknowledging and asking strategic, open ended questions that drive the conversation forward and in building trust. 

You must leverage from notifications such as birthdays, work anniversaries, promotions and new positions to stay in front of your ideal clients.

Hack LinkedIn to Close Business

There are three ways to close on LinkedIn depending upon your business model such as

  • First drive to phone conversation when you are in network with your clients/prospective customers and a quick 15 minute phone call would help you in knowing each other.
  • Secondly, close by driving to your email list to receive your updates so that they get notified even when they do not get a phone call. 
  • Third ask for referrals and for additional income stream ask if they have referral program.

These three LinkedIn hacks will help you in increasing your success rate.   

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