How Consulting Can Improve Customer Experience


The definition for customer experience has changed drastically over the decades. In fact, every customer today is different from each other and they cannot be categorized into one.

Earlier, Business intelligence used to equate the customer experience as one. They derived feedback by talking to a few customers over the phone and finalizing the result that every customer will behave in the same manner.

Today the businesses are emphasizing in directly connecting with customers. Social media has become an open platform that allows the bots to speak to the customers. 

The users can now respond to the online questionnaire, conduct a Google search or know about the products through the various article, graphic designs, and other sources.

Why Use a Consulting Approach?

Consulting approach is the reason to enhance the customer’s value by giving them an overall brand experience. The approach altogether benefits the team working behind the promotion of the product as well.

The consulting skills develop within the customer development team. It provides a number of high skilled subordinates to the senior members as well. It helps in integrating a focus on customer value and sorting business solutions.

Consulting approaches adopted by customer success team are more empowered with the autonomous workplace. The team is capable of advocating the customer’s demand, concerns, and their preferences well.

The consulting approaches understand the importance of educating the customers about the products. They give away documentation and newsletter through which the customers can become advocates for your brand.

Using Consulting Approach To Improve The Customer Experience

Irrespective of the departments, consulting approaches helps in benefitting both the customers and the successful teams. 

A comprehensive framework enables the customers with long-term satisfaction and health. The digital marketing splits the consulting approach into 4 distinct parts such as


The customers are concerned about the web development, the market penetration, and vendor management. They want to know about the how’s, what’s and various other stuff.

The consulting approach helps in understanding the manner in which the customers think and provide them with persuasive answers.

The customer success team of Hub Spot asks various questions to the customers in the following context such as

  • How they make money or plan to succeed in business.
  • Who are the players in the marketing field, sales and customer services?
  • The challenges they have to face in the business.
  • Apart from Hub Spot, the systems they prefer.

The list may be longer, but the context remains the same that is business development through a consultant approach.


The priorities for every customer are different. Marketing personnel wants to generate leads sales, closing the leads and maintain customer health. 

The consultant approach needs to take VP and C-suite employee’s desires into account. They need to maintain customers who have a higher level view of the mission and vision of the organization.

The customer success team needs to translate the long-term priorities and customer’s context into something more lucrative and measurable. 

For example, Hub spot uses context that they have gathered to understand the need of the customer and the urgency around their priorities. The strategy is carved to understand what exactly the customer wants.


The consultant approach is more about understanding the priorities of the customers and the context of urgency. 

Once the information is gathered about the customer’s priorities, a realistic strategy has to be planned out. The aforesaid strategy must be derived after understanding the context of the customers. 

Here are a few examples of planning a strategy that includes:

  • Priority to generate at least 100 leads within a year
  • Strategy for creating nurturing campaigns for the leads through conversion path optimization.
  • Priority to increase customer acquisition by 20%
  • Strategy to improve sales nurturing strategy


As soon as you have understood the priorities to the customer’s context then you need have to plan tactics for how to direct the customers and witness the returns from them. 

The main idea is to understand the urgency of the context and then utilize the resources to get lucrative feedback.

A customer is behind the success of the employees. Hence, it is important to use tools that are needed to accomplish the strategies discussed with the customer. 

The customer service employees must use a consulting approach to get good returns in their work. 

The consultant approaches are fine-tuned with what the customers want and how to utilize the resources in order to maintain good customer’s health.

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