7 ChatBot Benefits: A Business Can’t Afford to Miss

This makes your website a help desk with zero waiting time

A 10 seconds delay in playing of a video online makes 50 of the viewers to abandon the site or just close the video. This impatience shouldn’t be seen in isolation. In fact, this is getting reflected in our behavior concerning all services. Similar is the situation with your website.

This will be a personalized experience to high demand

Personalization is a catalyst that transforms a prospect into a customer and a customer to a returning customer. Conversational chatbots designed appropriately makes a customer feel that he or she is conversing with a human being, not a robot.

Chatbot elevates the customer service level

Chatbots equipped with NLP (Natural Language Processing) can process or decode the natural language at different levels including syntax, semantics, discourse, and speech to better understand not just the grammatical sense but the hidden intent.

This helps with user engagement

Web designers and developers are under extreme pressure when it comes to building the right user experience (UX). With the customer’s level of expectation knowing no bounds, perhaps, improving the UX has become an endless journey and chatbot is a vital milestone in that journey

Chatbot helps in targeting the wider audience

With some messaging platforms including Facebook Messaging, Telegram, Slack, Skype, etc., giving their consent and resources to chatbot developers and businesses, it has become easier for a business to target a wider audience

This helps to perform a survey

It can survey the experience of customers with a purchased product or service along with their requirements and expectations. The survey has been the most tedious task, and most of the survey attempts through emails and websites go in vain as the audience stay apathetic because of various reasons including lack of time

Keeps up with trends

According to Oracle, 50 % of customers want a business or service provider to stay accessible 24/7. Thankfully messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, Kik, Skype, and others are contributing a lot to their endeavor on this front

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