What is the Role of Big Data in Digital Marketing Success


The digital age as we know it today has resulted in a number of gadgets at our disposal be it in the form of tablets, smart phones, apps, social networking sites, e-commerce, etc. 

A few decades back before the evolution of digital marketing the work of advertisers was used to be creating impressive advertisements for the print media, television and billboards.

However, with the advent of the digital age the marketers are now required to take the advantage of technology to advertise the products or services of their clients.

The Usage of Big Data in Improving the Results of Large and Small Marketing Campaigns

The digital revolution has brought with it tons of data which the marketers can leverage to make better strategic marketing decisions. Consumers can be served with more useful content through ads that to with more clarity by taking the help of big data.  

Majority of organizations are leveraging data from various sources to improve their marketing campaigns amidst changing trends. 

Organizations are now required to make an investment in large and more complex databases and use data analyticaltools to uncover the hidden information from available data.

Some key Reasons of using Big Data to Improve Results of your next Digital Marketing Campaign Include

Data Visualization Tools Helps in Improving the Effectiveness of your Campaigns

Data visualization tools used to get actionable insights such as insights about your inventory flow throughout the year, peaks and lull in shopping periods, customer behavior among others. 

with these data visualization tools, right decisions can be made based on collective understanding of data points thereby improving your business bottom lines.

Acquiring more Customers through Real Time Customer Insights

The marketing team of your organization is better equipped to respond consumer demands and changes in their habits, incomes, and preferences when analyzing consumer data using data analytic tools.  

Improving customer experience should be top priority for any business and as such organizations with larger consumer databases should enlist the services of remote DBA experts to reduce the decision making time turnover.

Through data visualization software suites, organizations can easily sift through huge data in terabytes coming in real time through various sources. 

The availability of current insights can help digital marketing teams in generating better marketing strategies and in engaging with customers in a better way.

The Cost and Complexity of Data Analytics

Organizations or marketers as of now are not required to be worried about the cost and complexity of data analytics tools as many remote service providers are offering data analytics as a service (DaaS). 

This type of service is ideal for small and medium sized enterprises that have large amounts of data but are unable spend cash to purchase analytics tools and licenses.  

The remote service applications allow the clients to leverage various analytical tools on their data and they just need to pay according to the data volumes processed. 

Helps in Planning your Future by using Data about Past Events

Marketers should be data savvy to remain relevant in the digital marketing landscape so that they can plan for future activities and campaigns. 

For this marketers need to invest in real time data collection and analytical tools, interactive dashboards and advance storage methods. 

Even though, marketers need to invest higher outlays in data analytics it is more than their money’s worth when it comes to customer engagement and satisfaction.

Using Big Data to Target Consumers

Marketers need to be comfortable with every online marketing channel by using them to offer consumer value and as such it implies learning non-conventional data sources such as social posts, consumer transactions, search information and other big data sources available online.  

Online data is like a generator that powers any successful digital marketing campaign.

Some of the Big Data Sources that you can Use to Improve the Results of your next Marketing Campaign Include

Web Mining 

It involves using automated tools to extract and uncover information from servers and web documents thereby allowing businesses to access both structured and unstructured data from online sources.

Social Networks 

Social networks help marketers in harvesting a wide range of data from social media sites in the form of comments, shares and posts.

Crowd Sourcing 

It is a process of gathering reports or data from the public in the form of surveys, polls

Transaction Tracking 

Marketers or enterprises can gather data about their target audiences through transaction tracking that may relate to logistical, financial or other related processes of their prospective consumers.

Search Data 

This is a type of data derived by using special tools to track search information and in detecting consumer behavior and choice.

A Synopsis of Big Data Analytics for Digital Marketing

As the last word, it comes down to a conclusion that the power of using big data analytics for your digitalmarketing campaigns would help you in capturing purchase ready customers who may, later on, convert into your loyal clients when you anticipate their needs by offering them the true value of your products or services.

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