Be a Smart Innovator by Jotting Down your Ideas

Be a Smart Innovator by Jotting Down your Ideas0

A person’s biggest inherent asset is his or her mind which is a storehouse of different thoughts processing about 50,000 thoughts on an average every day.

However, the majority of these thoughts consist of unnecessary information and it is normal to forget most of this information. Nevertheless, in the midst of these thoughts, there are great ideas that flow in the guise of simple thoughts when your brain is in diffused mode.

It is assumed that great ideas come to you when you are not intently focused such as when you are daydreaming or when taking bath. Creative ideas erupt when our minds are most relaxed.

Therefore, when creative ideas take place it is better to mark or jot down the ideas that come along. The human mind is short of memory over a long period as there is a possibility of your monumental ideas gets slipped out through the cracks of the memory that cannot be retrieved again.

How to write or jot down your ideas – A summary

It is important to jot down or write your greatest ideas by using different writing tools such as smartphone apps such as the Evernote or other recording apps. Using laptops, notebook to jot down the refreshing ideas is a good choice.

It is better to stick to the process of free thinking and writing down the ideas and leaving them alone until for later revisions. Resist the urge to organize your thoughts with immediate effect as these ideas need time to fructify and organizing these ideas require some time gap.

Techniques of Producing Powerful Ideas in a group– An analysis

There are different techniques to produce powerful ideas each technique helping you in generating or producing powerful ideas.

Some of these techniques work well when performed in a group or as a team who may be your friends, colleagues or any other persons who would help you in the generation of new ideas. Some of these techniques that are quite a popular include-

Associate Brainstorming

This is a technique or exercise that can be done as an individual or with a group of people by sitting down at a quiet place with a pen and paper.

A single word from your mind may summarize an idea in a nutshell. It is better to start writing other words that come up in your mind linked to that idea or word.

This technique works best when you let your mind run free helping it triggering other related new words. As such, your brain would be able to connect these words to conceive new ideas. This exercise may be continued for time duration from 10 minutes to an hour.


Brainwriting is a type of group exercise where a number of team members of your group sit down and work down on an idea. In this type of exercise or activity – a team leader (if any or you) shares the topic and team members write down at least three ideas on a paper and pass it on to other members. These members will again put on their ideas and pass it on to the last person in the group who puts his or her input. These ideas are then filtered out to arrive at those ideas that are incredible.

Role Storming

This is another interesting technique of jotting down your ideas where you do not think of yourself but rather jot down ideas by putting yourself in someone else’s perspective. Such as if you think like your boss or your mentor or think like politicians, entrepreneurs like Bill Gates, Warren Buffet etc. In this way, you are able to develop new ideas without losing your authenticity at the same time getting new innovative ways of jotting down ideas.

Reviewing written down ideas from time to time at least three times a week would help you in filtering out useless ideas and in the further development of potentially successful ideas or thoughts. People who succeed are those who jot down their great ideas.

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