End your Struggle with Website Banner Videos


No doubt that mobile compatibility is very much needed for any website to capture ever-growing mobile users, people these-days want to execute everything from their mobile with a single click, technology is changing to meet the ever growing needs and comforts of various demographics. Let’s see where the real magic lies

Playing Your Videos Without Interruption 

Conceptualizing an engaging video is always challenging, there is another herculean task as how to publish this video in the website without impacting the performance of your website, web developers suggest to optimize video to be under 1MB, practically It’s not possible if we want to give high quality video, no matter how much we optimize uploading video on to the website directly hinders the performance of website.

For this purpose we definitely have to get the blessings from third part video hosting services, Youtube, Vimeo, Wistia etc. (We will discuss which one is ideal in our next article), hosting videos on third party will reduce the load time and improvise the performance and we can auto play banner videos when user visits the page and there by giving enriched user-experience.

Optimizing Mobile Views

Ah, problem solved with the desktop view, what about mobile views?

Banner videos do not get to play automatically from mobile this is because mobile OS players have disabled autoplay intentionally to protect user’s mobile bandwidth, which means that when user is viewing a website with banner videos, he may have to do a single or double click to play the video, as per multiple survey’s many users deviate away from playing banner videos in company website, mobile user’s are inclined towards playing entertaining videos but not towards corporate videos. 

To come out of this problem, we suggest to have separate view for mobile where in which mobile website banners can be a slideshow or a static image with text, doing this will give enriched user experience and you get to save their mobile bandwidth without displaying banner videos.

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