Five Body Language Tips for your Career Success

Five Body Language Tips for your Career Success0

Body language plays a key role in reflecting your level of confidence or lack of confidence. Therefore, learning about harnessing your body language will give you an upper hand in negotiations, presentations and client meetings. 

There are five ways through which you can use your body language to get success in your workplace

Using Gestures While Speaking

Gesturing while speaking helps you in allowing your mind to free up the memory to better understand problems and in producing stronger results. 

Research undertaken at the University of Chicago confirmed that the candidates who gestured were able to solve the mathematical problems and were able to remember simultaneously a string of characters when compared with those candidates who did not gesture and as such struggled with the same exercise. 

Gesturing leaves upon the audience or the interviewers a strong impression about your speaking and presentation skills.

Move Away From Handheld Devices

Handheld devices such as mobiles, smartphones, and tablets result in constricted posture when compared with open posture while using desktop or laptops. 

The bigger is the device, the more assertive your posture would be resulting in an upsurge of confidence in you after their usage. 

Therefore, spending time away from handheld devices after using them for an extended period helps you in organizing your thoughts and your body posture.

Understanding The Concepts Of Power Posture

Power poster involves opening up of your body and filling more space through appropriate postures. 

Studies on power posture have shown increasing levels in dealing with pain, rapid increase in testosterone levels and risk taking in those who have followed up power pose.

Candidates have shown to have performed better during job interviews when they spent at least two minutes in power poses before attending to their job interview schedule. 

Examples of power poses include – clenching your hands before your head, putting your feet up on a desk, standing with your legs shoulders width apart and your hands on your hips etc.


Smiling deliberately helps a person to get access to his or her positive memories thereby making such person feel happy. 

Smiling not only brings a sense of well being but it also sends a signal to those around you that you are quite trustworthy and approachable. 

Facial expression in the form of a smile helps you in enhancing your mood and confidence levels resulting in a healthy interaction with the people around you.

Handshake Practice

A perfect or a right handshake can give you an instant credibility while the wrong (too weak or too strong) handshake may cost your job or business project. 

Perfecting your handshake is an important body tip to get success in your endeavors. The handshake is now a globally recognized gesture or symbol and as such perfecting your handshake has the capacity and capability of making or breaking your career growth.

Finally, it can be concluded that these five body language tips can determine your success or failure pertaining to your career avenues. 

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