Give Your Company A Hike Through Instagram Branding


Social Media Marketing has always been a boon for the branding of a business. Facebook, LinkedIn, SEO have seen their marks in branding the business and now it’s the turn for Instagram. With 800 million people signed up for Instagram, its surely a place where the branding can be done right. Now we know where the hype is to be created and how can we create it is the question that needs to be focused on.

Original Pictures and Videos always create a magic:

Have you noticed images from shutter stock or google images have lost their proximity to branding these days? It is because people have started embracing technology and with developed cameras and technologies, people are posting original pictures and videos. It is the same thing as a business we also have to do, have our own images and videos to showcase our brand.

Keeping Your page Engaged and Colorful!

Instagram is an application which can be accessed from anywhere just with the help of internet connection. Now, that makes our work even more easier. Click, Capture, Record, Add Filter (Optional, obviously!) and Post. Keep your audience engaged and give them a feel of refreshment by making your posts colorful.

Just Don’t be the Host, Join the Party

Having your photos and videos posted for the branding of your business, it does not end there. You just can’t keep looking at the responses, you have to respond. Community building is one of the major area where in certain brands, miss out on. You have to respond to the comments that you have received on your posts to build your own community which develops slowly into bigger number of followers.

Link It and Share It

Give your story telling skills a bargain

Let’s shift to Instagram Branding and let’s Hastag!

Instagram does not allow you to add your website link in the posts that you post. But, to have your website link showcased om Instagram is a major way to have website audience.

Instagram bio is the place where you can add up to one link. Either you add your website link in the Instagram bio and display your offers and brand expertise in the website. Or, you use the tool like Linktree and add as many as links to the tool so the audience can take a look on all your links.

Each post of yours can be turned into a beautiful story. Create a story around your post with a very engaging and curious outline that keeps the audience entertained and also curious to catch up for your next post with story.

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