Google My Business Tips for Small Businesses

Google My Business Tips for Small Businesses0

Small businesses are facing a lot of competition from not only Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises or SMEs but also from large size organizations.

In today’s online world where businesses need to be optimized for search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. Out of these search engines – Google is ranked number one search engine with over 1.2 billion users per month providing an amazing opportunity for small businesses.

The majority of small businesses know the power of Google and are ready to spend and invest good time and money in their online strategy. To retain a sustained search success and business map listing small businesses need Google My Business.

Google’s business listing tools help small businesses in managing their Google presence across various platforms. It also helps small businesses in connecting with their customers or clients by assembling all their business information form Search, Maps and Google+ and managing them right in one place.

What is Google My Business (GMB) – Its Origins?

Google My Business or GMB was launched in June 2014 and was previously known as Google Local, Google+ and Map Listing. GMB allows small businesses in creating their business profile that appears along with a map location.

When customers or clients use an appropriate search term then they would get all your business details they need such your store/shop’s name, address, phone number, opening hours and customer reviews. So Google Small Business – GMB helps your clients in getting the relevant information that they need to be aware of your business.

How to get the best out of GMB – Some Tips

To get the benefits of Google My Business you as a small business owner need to follow these tips to help your customers or clients become aware of your business.

These tips would help your prospective customers to know more about your businesses and help your businesses in getting nearer to your leads. Some of these tips are

State your Location

Customers are using smartphone near me function along with the voice search options. Therefore, ensure that your location is set up in Google My Business so that people/customers or clients in your area can find you.

List your Business Category 

GMB allows its users to tag every business category but the best way to do it is to choose the least number of categories that it takes to describe your business with accuracy.

Listing operating hours

Another feature or tool of GMB is to set up all your shop’s or stores’ trading or office hours. As a user of GMB one should pay attention to this feature to ensure that the information you input is correct.

Special Hours: 

Gathering and responding to reviews 

Google My Business reviews alongside location are a key ranking factor. That is why, GMB can be navigated quite easily as customers can leave or write their review simply by Googling your store or office, checking on your GMB listing, selecting to write a review or write a review themselves. Customer engagement can be gauged well by their reviews both positive and negative.

These above mentioned four tips if followed diligently would help in using Google  MyBusiness for expanding your small business globally.

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