Grow Your Email List in 25 Simple Ways

Grow Your Email List in 25 Simple Ways0

If you are into Digital marketing then you definitely know the importance of growing your email list. 

Nonetheless, you must be aware of the fact that your contacts change their email addresses as they change the company.

As a marketer, it is imperative that you keep adding fresh contacts to carry out successful email marketing. You have to use your intelligence in working on building your email list.

Here are some of the simple ways to grow your email list

Your email contents depict your business goals. If you want people to subscribe to your email services, your content must be appealing and attractive enough. They must have the power to grab the attention of the readers.

Encourage the users to share and forward the emails. You can include a share button or “email to a friend” button to encourage sharing and forwarding of the emails. 
You will not only gain access to a wider network but also get an instant boost to your web marketing.
You must use a variety of segments that are to be sent to the subscribers. Select the users and send them contents that cater to their interests. This way you can increase the chance of visitors to your website.

If you are stuck with an older email list, it is time to reinvigorate them. Send an opt-in message to the old email list and give them a choice to report the email service. This way you will be able to remove the uninterested folks and add a new batch of interested subscribers.

Use hyperlinks of your website in your email signature so that your website becomes easily accessible to the subscribers.

Create a new lead generation by hosting a white paper or create a new free eBook that asks the visitors to add their email address in the given space.

Free online tools are more accessible to the users and they can sign in with their respective email addresses. This makes it easier to collect information about subscribers.

Website visitors get attracted to free contents. Offer beginner’s advice or add some appealing contents to grab the attention of the visitors. Guide them through the bonus content and ask them to register with their email ids to read more.

Promote online contests on social media accounts or host a free giveaway. This encourages the new entrants to give their contact details in order to take part in the contests.

Promote one of your lead generations on Twitter through eBooks, or free resources. You can promote some free offers through Facebook that require email addresses to redeem.

Add a call to action button on top of your Facebook business page.
Post links via Facebook business page or LinkedIn page to the website visitors.

Pinterest is one of the best ways to bring in interested visitors through lucrative graphic designs.

YouTube channels are nowadays quite popular. You can encourage people to subscribe to the channel or add links to the Website in the footer.Ask the visitors for feedback on the Website. You can also create a live chat window to directly interact with the visitors.

Though it is tempting to collect detailed information, do not keep it for long, therefore, reduce the length of the form to keep it engaging.

During website development, keep the links for a call to action and subscription up front. People do not like to dig around the website.

Try going for A/B test better known as a split test to check the different aspects of your list. This might include calls to action, the color of the offer, time to post the social media, etc.

Blogs are engaging and grab visitor’s attention. It is the best means of digital marketing. Expand your contact list through guest blogging.

Customer reviews are proof that your website is legit. Include a “review” space on your website to encourage visitors in writing reviews.

Do partnership with websites and run your promotions on them to target the audience. Give a hand in co-marketing with your partner websites. 

Launch eBooks and webinars in mutual collaboration. Offline events like trade shows are a great source to gather email addresses and contact details.

Meetups, seminars, educational meets, and panels are just an extension to the various offline events that give the opportunity to collect email addresses.

As the email list grows with fresh opt-in contact details, you will be able to convert the leads into sales easily.

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