7 Sentences That May Be Killing Your Outreach Emails

7 Sentences That May Be Killing Your Outreach Emails0

Whether you are planning a party, an office function, a meeting, or a conference, it is terrifying to introduce yourself to a stranger.

Many people plan everything in their mind before getting into a conversation with a stranger.

As it is said that your first impression may be your best impression – many people take the saying seriously. It is said that a lame opening line may spoil the relationship at the initial stage itself.

Whatever be your perception, your intelligence is revealed by how strategically you frame your opening lines. 

Here is the list of certain mistakes that will lead the buyers to delete your emails

 “ My Name Is…”

Names are important, however, starting your emails with names will lead the recipient to loosen the interest instantly. 

The “from” field and your email signature will do the needful to tell your name, hence avoid beginning the mail with your introduction.

You must just cut the introduction part and begin the mail with the reason to write. This will save the time of your recipient and your emails will not end up in the recycle bin!

 I work for…”

“I am working for web development or for a business solution,” is worse than beginning the email with your name. 

Not only does it bore the recipient but also reflects that you are trying to sell something.

Representing your organization will not help you much. You can add your work details, your position, and your firm’s name at the end of the email while signing off. 

It is important to keep the email structure natural and introduce yourself naturally without giving much emphasis on yourself.

“ Did You Know…?”

This is the most common mistake that every email writer does. Starting the email with rhetorical questions like “did you know so and so…” is a bad idea, to begin with. 

No recipient of the email will think about leaving their work and start reading your email as you think you are giving away urgent information. 

Your email must be informative and just about the reason. You must not include questions in the mail in order to derive recipient attention.

“ Congrats On…”

According to the CEO’s of major organizations, starting your emails with Congratulations is a major mistake that a sender can perceive. 

It is understood as a hollow opening and does not interest the recipient much. While writing an email, you need to remain grounded and understand that the recipient is not interested to hear a congratulatory message from you. Rather directly come to the point of the message.

 “ I Have Been Thinking…

The recipient is not your close friend who wants to know what you have been thinking. You are not self-serving yourself to any strangers. You must never begin the email about yourself.

The email must not be about you and what you are thinking. It must be related to points you are thinking and the main agenda of writing the email. The focus must be on the prospect and not about you.

 “ I Hope You Are Doing Well…”

The line might seem fine to you, but it may not go well with the recipient. Your prospect may not want to read the complete mail and it may end up in the trash. 

Instead of using lines that are thought-provoking, you must directly jump to the original matter of the mail. 

However, if you want to act bold, you write like this such as “I am worried about your company’s ability…” if the company is doing well, you may add value to your mail by praising them.

“ Did You Find What You Are Looking For…? ”

Sometimes the sales personnel use this line to derive leads and convert them into sales. The sentence is timely to the point, but it may go haywire in some cases. 

Sometimes the recipient may not take the line in a positive way and think what does” find what you are looking for” mean? You must add some specific points to be more precise.

It is tricky to forge a new impression with the right choices of words. But sometimes it is just a matter of detailing that works. All the seven being in line may work well if you add some specifications to it.

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