Online Reputation Management and its Importance, Benefits

Online Reputation Management and its Importance, Benefits0

Online Reputation Management
 is a marketing strategy that helps in improving businesses and increasing the credibility of their product and services via Google and other search engines. 

Online Reputation Management (ORM) is a business planning or strategy on how to respond to online customers who leave their reviews on the popular review sites.

An ORM typically Involves the following process:

  • ORM software typically collects the entire customer’s review from popular reviewing sites.
  • Adding Schema markup to the business website
  • Alerts and notification whenever consumer reviews on the business
  •  Ability to respond to the positive and negative reviews left by the customers
  • Promotion of a company through various digital marketing strategies including blogs, pay per click ads, etc.,
  • Businesses asking customers to leave their reviews about the company or asking them to fill up a review questionnaire on the services received

Benefits of Online Reputation Management or ORM

Higher Trust

ORM helps in establishing trust with a particular brand or the company. The brands with the highest reputation are believed to grab more audience and consumers than other brands with less reputation.

The majority of consumers follow a brand with whom they are emotionally connected rather than any other brand that only brags on advertisements.


When a brand or a company has a good image in the market, people like to avail of the services and products of the same. This results in gaining more profit for the business.

Better Talent

People like to work with a company that has a good reputation in the business world. This helps them to improve their work resume.

On the other hand, the company also gets better and talented employees. Thus, companies with a better reputation attract more talent and better employees.

Less Risk

Businesses that have a bad reputation tend to open to more risk factors. This situation occurs due to the bad system process within the company.

A business enterprise with a good reputation always finds ways to improve the internal system of the company as well. 

Reputation Affects The Bottom Line

The reputation of the company majorly affects its sales and revenue. The bad reputation has a direct effect on the bottom line of the company.

The rise of social media traffic helps in earning great revenues and sales. However, a company with a bad reputation cannot earn profits from the sales process.

Reputation management is about building the core of the company by improving its primary market in the bottom.

Importance of Online Reputation Management:

  • A strong reputation of the company helps in building trust among the co-owners and prospective consumers.
  • Reputation management majorly affects the credibility of the company in the market.
  • A strong reputation highlights the strength of the company. It also affects the negative propaganda by the competitors.
  • A strongly reputed company creates a positive impression on the consumers and investors who have a direct relationship with the company.
  •  A reputed firm always attracts better talent and good employees that build the inner core of the company as well.

This is how ORM helps to grow your business presence in online.

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