The Future Not Yet Written but The Ending Will be Brilliant

The Future Not Yet Written but The Ending Will be Brilliant0

The future of marketing and advertising is expected to increasingly become personalized, data-enhanced and tech-enabled with the consumers continuing to choose what they consume and brands that they would use or consume. The Sci-Fi films that we see them today are expected to come to life in the near future. 

The Internet of Things or IoT would follow a similar experience as shown in The Simpson’s Tree House of Horror episodes. We will be part of self-driving cars with the future filled with wonderment combined with the next generation of capabilities or technology.

However, during the last year three things, in particular, have resulted in a renewed sense of optimism that has been discussed hereinbelow.

The Rise of Female Leadership:

The power of female leadership at Zenith, Moxie and Publicis Media can be regarded as the most remarkable event. Such as Solange Claudio’s elevation as President at Moxie in 2016 shows how it could be linked with the successful growth period in this company’s 18-years of history.  

Other instances of the power of female leadership include Helen Liu – the Chief Digital Officer of Publicis Media inspiring intelligence, energy and positivity with everyone that she meets.

Women are taking the reins of departments and are increasingly taking leadership for their entire agency and agency network. 

Some illustrious instances of women taking charge of their organizations include Sarah Hofstetter – Chairwoman at 360i in 2018, Carla Serrano’s climb within Publicis Groupe are some of the woman leaders who are powerful women leaders to reckon with.

The Role Of Marketers

The marketers have the opportunity to support future-forward, equality driven and game-changing efforts of organizations in driving their businesses

Programs such as Verizon AdFellows are fueling the diversity and inclusion of advertising industry where people-power and performance are enhanced through a deliberate diverse composition of participants. 

The coalition of business leaders across industries or sectors is having an immense impact on visible marketing and advertising. The Ad Council is providing the advertising marketing industry with a conscience where individuals in this industry lending their personal brand equities, company resources in lending their hand for the benefit of the society at large.

Supporting Individuals Struggling With Addiction

The advertising and marketing/media industry has always dealt head on with substance and abuse issues with the majority of the people working in this industry successfully handling their issues with addiction. 

However, not all of them are quite successful with some of them struggling immensely with sobriety with some of these struggles are largely being left to the individuals to shoulder.

The development founding of SEAM (Sober Executives in Advertising, Media and Marketing) a Nonprofit organization – is a powerful step in the right direction for this industry with the exponential growth in its membership and visibility over the last one year. 

As this organization is helping in bringing a voice of credibility to an issue that has been neglected or overlooked for so long.

The potential capabilities of this industry are still needed to be explored further as this industry is needed to work ahead further to understand people-related issues and these are the first things or factors unfolding with the ending having a chance to be brilliant in the future.  

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