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How Consulting Can Improve Customer Experience

The definition for customer experience has changed drastically over the decades. In fact, every customer today is different from each other and they cannot be categorized into one. Earlier, Business intelligence used to equate the customer experience as one. They derived feedback by talking to a few customers over the phone and finalizing the result that every […]

How to Calculate Break Even Point for Your Business

What is a Break Even Point?   Breakeven point can be defined as the business volume that balances the total costs with total gains. The basic idea for calculating breakeven point is to calculate the point at which revenues begin to exceed costs. For businesses it is important to determine whether or not your business is making […]

Top 10 Steps To Successfully Manage A Project

Whether it is about successful digital marketing, or taking over a subordinate company; a business has to plan and execute each project with the same rules. The series of never-ending projects showcase the strategy and business intelligence at par.  Business management basically needs to identify the objectives that involve its stakeholders. Once the paramount responsibilities are broken in step-wise drafts, the businesses can start executing the plans and […]

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