How Robots and AI would Make Our Life Convenient and Comfortable


Robots and Artificial Intelligence or AI will be part of our daily routine and they are going to improve our lives to make us comfortable. 

Some of the areas that robots and artificial intelligence will do wonders have been discussed herein below

Voice AI in Homes

Voice AI in the form of Voice Assistants and Smart Speakers like Amazon Echo and Google Home have already entered our homes and growing in popularity with their capabilities such as playing your favorite music, doing calculations or doing online research through voice command. 

One can even control their home lighting with these devices or in the case of printing a document.

Robotic Domestic Help

The day is not far away when robots would be your new domestic helpers and as such are much efficient than human housekeepers.

Medical Use

Robots are playing a crucial role in medical surgeries with their precise operation tactics in some hospitals. 

However, in the future, they may replace doctors or physicians even though it is argued that augmenting physicians during surgical operations is the best viable path.

Cyber Security

Artificial Intelligence will increase cybersecurity in a dramatic way with many developed economies already using AI enabled computers to save their data from hackers. 

AI enables computers to changes the access codes thereby making it extremely difficult for hackers to get the access codes. 

Advancement in AI is enabling the identification of hackers and in strengthening security measures.

Industrial Use

Automation is helping industries in a big way with the robots replacing the humans or factory workers because of their efficiency in doing jobs with accuracy and on time. 

It is a big debate about robots whether they should replace humans employed in factories and in other workplaces.

Road Safety with AI

The emergence of self-driving cars like Google’s Waymo is the biggest achievement to date when it comes to road safety. 

AI is going to play a crucial role in finding the best traffic patterns and in finding the best route for the journey enabling a reduction in a number of road accidents.

Hazardous Jobs

Robots are quite useful especially in certain hazardous jobs where human lives cannot be put at risk such as fixing a nuclear leak or saving someone from the fire. 

Robots are now being extensively used in space and in exploring planets such as on Mars where NASA has already sent a robot named Mars Rover.  

Robots will open up a new avenue of space exploration possibilities in the future.

Weather Prediction

The weather predictions become easier with AI capable of processing the entire available data single-handedly with accuracy. 

An accurate weather prediction turns out to be a boon for disaster management helping people in getting enough time to evacuate to safer places before a disaster strikes or may even control the disaster itself.

Better Surveillance

Surveillance with the help of Artificial Intelligence and Robots would be much easier as illegal activities may be curbed or curtailed before they are executed. 

AI along with robotics can help in stopping activities such as illegal mining, human trafficking, piracy, poaching and other illegal and criminal activities.

Farming Solutions

Artificial Intelligence along with robotics is not only helping the farmers in deciding what crop to sow but also in crop management. 

For example – drones are being used to spray the required fertilizers and pesticides as per the required norms thereby enhancing crop productivity.

Waste Management

Robots can be trained in the field of waste management such as separating different kinds of wastes for disposing of without harming the environment.


The logistics sector is already using drones using AI enabling the delivery of parcels or objects to places that are difficult to access within the specified time. 

Companies like Amazon are testing out deliveries through drones.

The Robotic Exoskeleton

The robotic exoskeleton has already made inroads in the field of medical science with robotic arms and limbs replacing or reinforcing the arms or limbs of those people having physical deformities by birth or due to accidents or old age.

It can be concluded that AI and robots will augment humans to live their lives with comfort and in acquiring new skills when doing their jobs.  

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