Sneak Peek Into Our Recruitment Process

Sneak Peek Into Our Recruitment Process0

We always believe that people are the driving force of our organization and that is why we place special emphasis on hiring people who can gel well with our culture and can travel along with our organization happily.

Success of the company mainly depends of productivity of its people, at VouchSolutions we hire best talents and we enable them to go beyond boundaries to bring in the diversity and fresh perspectives to every task they handle, we encourage every individual to be organic (be themselves) tap into their creative zone and create solutions that are simple, engaging, reliable and effective. Let’s take a sneak peek into our recruitment process.

Preparing Job Description

We start writing job descriptions only after deeply analyzing the responsibilities, challenges, risks, and opportunities of that role.

For us, writing job descriptions is all about experiencing the role (we need) in life. Our hiring manager and human resources will ensure that all the relevant objectives are included in the job description.

Setting The Stage

After preparing the job description (JD) we channel the JD on every digital source that is available to us to enable the reach and will also liaise with recruitment agencies, we do our best to ensure that it is being reached to right individuals.

Sneak Peek Into Our Recruitment Process

Shortlisting the Talents

This step is pretty challenging, after receiving the profiles from candidates, we carefully handpick them by understanding their educational and professional background, exploring their digital profiles, and we also consider how candidates have represented themselves in their resume (it’s so true that if candidate can’t prepare his resume very well, he be not able to execute his role effectively).

Moving on to Telephonic Discussions

During this round, we focus on a candidate’s attentiveness, presentation skills. Apart from subject questions, we have a standard set of questionnaires that we fulfill in this round to understand the candidate’s attitude towards work and life, this is very important to us as ATTITUDE is everything.

Analyzing Work Samples

If things go well in the first round, we will ask candidates to send us samples of their work, after receiving the samples we assess originality and comprehensiveness, with samples we will come to conclusion whether we need to invite the candidate for final face to face discussion, this step helps us a lot to understand their working style.

Final Step – Face-to-Face Discussion

This is very crucial, we get to assess candidate’s credibility based on the way how they are responding to our questions, body language and attitude.

This round is all about the key skills we are looking out for within the candidate and his personality (Reliability, learning ability, adaptability, spontaneity, communication, etc.).

Candidates have to pass through the one-hour test we conduct during the face-to-face discussion; during this test, we assess the candidate’s creativity, comprehensiveness, and attitude towards work.

We take notes at every level and after completing the interviews for that role, we compare our notes (matrix) and if required we will have another round of telephonic discussion, then we will introduce HR to verify candidates background including educational and professional accomplishments, if this check goes well, candidate will be onboard and will become member of VouchSolutions.

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