Engaging Audience with Interactive Videos


Interactive video technology is the new technology that is growing fast enabling the viewers to discover those details that are behind the content they see. 

With interactive videos, users can integrate a call to action and hotspots with ease within the videos that viewers touch, click or interact with. Customers can make purchases without leaving their video players thereby providing huge opportunities to both retailers and their brands.

Interactive video allows the personalization of the data through advanced pixel parameter tracking, provides more accessibility through various media channels thereby leading to impressive conversion rate and timing. 

For instance, one can click on a color in a moving video shot and have an exact color of paint as chosen. Prospective employees or candidates can watch recruitment videos and examine whether their answers to the questions asked duly fit in as per the expectations of their companies they want to be recruited.

Context and Approach Towards the Audience

Interactive video is the right fit for brands but the marketers has to be careful about the fact that different audiences or consumers will interact with this video technology in different ways. 

Such as high profile consumers have higher expectations therefore the mass market approach does not work for brands for this type of customers. 

Success in case of interactive video approach depends upon the subtle calls to action, informing about the brand and making the consumers feel special.

For lifestyle audiences, strategic content planning based on brand’s positioning is the starting point and as such identifying their emotional benefits and using the interactive video to amplify such benefits would bring good results.

 Stirring Up The Interest

Virtually Reality or VR is having an enormous impact on the consumers by transporting them to a parallel world where they can understand the things better that is thought to be really happening in front of them. 

Interactive video is no different from the virtual reality that helps the consumers in finding out more information that can be powerful. With a careful strategy, understanding the audience behavior analysis with a suitable design approach will really stir up the interest of consumers on interactive video. 

Within the coming years, the use of interactive video is expected to grow by leaps and bounds due to the emergence of new technologies that go beyond our imaginations right now. 

Personalization, higher targeting would become the key ingredients for interactive video thereby creating wonders.

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